West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Photogrammetric Mapping

GRW was a subconsultant on two open-end contracts to provide geospatial services of Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) to the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection.

The mission of The Office of Abandoned Mine Lands and Reclamation is to monitor and protect properties and the public from abandoned mines, and to restore land and water resources.

GRW was responsible for acquiring AML data in the northern and southern portions of West Virginia.

Tasks included aerial photography, LiDAR, and photogrammetry, including planimetric mapping. Photogrammetry involves taking photographs from at least two locations and triangulating those locations or mathematically intersecting them to produce the 3-dimensional coordinates - often used in planimetric and topographic mapping, and images showing elevation. The contracts spanned two years and involved data of several former mining sites throughout West Virginia.