FAA Nationwide Airport Obstruction Mapping

  • Airport Obstruction Surveying, Rough River State Park Airport, KY
     Airport Obstruction Surveying, Rough River State Park Airport, KY
  • FAA Obstruction Surveying, Nationwide
     FAA Obstruction Surveying, Nationwide

GRW has accomplished over 150 Airport Obstruction Surveys across the country for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as well as the Kentucky Department of Aviation, and numerous additional clients. As a consultant on the FAA contract held by the Parsons Infrastructure and Technology Group, Inc., GRW provided aeronautical obstruction surveys and photogrammetric mapping for obstruction analysis at airports nationwide. We have completed obstruction surveys in Alabama; Arkansas; Florida; Illinois; Indiana; Kansas; Kentucky; Louisiana; Mississippi; Missouri; Oklahoma; Tennessee; Texas; Virginia; West Virginia; and additional states. Data was delivered according to the latest FAA standards and specifications. With a staff of experienced obstruction mapping specialists, GRW's team included professional surveyors licensed in all 48 contiguous states. GRW provided the following services in support of the FAA’s wide area augmentation system (WAAS), developed to improve accuracy, integrity, and availability of GPS precision approaches:

  • High precision GPS Surveys with Monumentation
  • NAVAID Surveys
  • Airside Facility Surveys
  • Obstruction Surveys and Mapping
  • Airport Mapping
  • Obstruction Identification and Analysis 
  • QA/QC Surveys
  • Project Management
  • Flight Planning
  • Geodetic and Photo Control Surveys
  • Quality Assurance
  • Data Formatting

The obstruction surveys were accomplished photogrammetrically and with field surveys. GRW used Clear-Flite software on stereo workstations to determine obstruction penetration of approach/departure surfaces. Long range laser total station survey instruments were interfaced with field laptops and GRW proprietary software to perform QA/QC procedures for obstruction mapping. We accomlished the survey, mapping, and obstruction data work elements and GIS formatting according to the latest FAA Advisory Circulars, including AC-5300 - 16A, 17A, and 18B per the date of the acquisition. The overall project utilized work plans, QA/QC procedures, and safety plans that were developed by GRW and approved by the FAA.