Palomar Shopping Centre

  • Palomar Shopping Centre, Lexington, KY
     Palomar Shopping Centre, Lexington, KY

GRW completed the design, bidding and inspection for this commercial shopping center located at the intersection of two major arterial roads - Highway 68, Harrodsburg Road, and Man O'War Boulevard. The infrastructure incorporated the street and parking system, utility systems, site grading, and stormwater management and detention. The work effort included all phases of zone changes, development plans, design, construction drawings, specifications and construction inspection. The engineering disciplines included surveys, mapping, and civil, sanitary and electrical engineering.

The site facilities included:

  • Building siting
  • Arterial highway access improvements
  • Intersection design
  • Streets
  • Water distribution
  • Sewage collection
  • Stormwater collection and detention control
  • Erosion control
  • Gas distribution
  • Sinkhole remediation
  • Final plat of subdivision
  • Electrical distribution

This project required coordination with the Kentucky Department of Highways (work on Harrodsburg Road right-of-way), the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government (planning, engineering and traffic), the developer, a major tenant's architect and the developer of an adjacent property. GRW worked closely in both the design and construction phases with all parties in order to expedite the project.

The stormwater system consisted of four separate detention basins ranging in size from 1 acre feet to 6 acre feet. All of basins were designed to control the 100-year recurrence interval storm. This project also included over 500 feet of storm sewers greater than 36 inches in diameter and over 700 feet less than 36 inches in diameter.

Design of the detention system was complicated due to several factors:

  • Development on an adjoining property was constructed below the overflow elevation of the main basin requiring measures to prevent backflow onto this property.
  • The downstream storm sewer system was undersized necessitating additional storage and requirements for the basin.
  • Numerous sinkholes on the existing property had to be taken into account.
  • Drainage from Harrodsburg Road and Man 'O War Boulevard storm sewers affected the storm routing timing.
  • Development of an adjacent property upstream of Palomar was going on at the same time and was included in this stormwater plan.