Aliceville Federal Correctional Institution and Satellite Camp

  • Aliceville Federal Correctional Institution and Satellite Camp, Aliceville, AL
     Aliceville Federal Correctional Institution and Satellite Camp, Aliceville, AL

GRW led the design team, in conjunction with Caddell/Yates JV, for the design-build of a women's medium-security Federal Correctional Institution and minimum-security Federal Prison Camp located near Aliceville, Alabama. This $196 million, LEED Silver certified, project has a gross building area of approximately 665,889 SF, and can house approximately 1,790 inmates. The FCI campus plan places the three, 4-story housing units, and program and multipurpose functions in a semi-circular campus layout enclosing a central secure compound.

  • A summary of the prison's components include:
  • Three 4-story dormitory buildings housing approximately 1,500 inmates (256,493 SF)
  • One single-story segregation unit dormitory accommodating up to 48 inmates (19,105 SF)
  • Food service (kitchen/dining) building (29,654 SF)
  • Medical services building (12,324 SF)
  • Warehouses/sanitation building (49,863 SF)
  • Administrative buildings (48,264 SF)
  • Recreational building (17,319 SF)
  • Academic educational buildings (21,926 SF)
  • Personal services building (17,491 SF)
  • Industrial/vocational buildings (54,916 SF)
  • Central utilities plant (12,647 SF)
  • Vehicle maintenance building (8,126 SF)
  • Physical and electronic security systems
  • Utilities (potable and fire water mains, sanitary sewers, site electrical distribution and communication duct banks for 17 buildings)
  • Minimum-security camp for 256 inmates (55,691 SF)
  • Firing range

Site Development/Utilities
Site work involved earthwork, roadways and parking, building pads, and utilities for the 70-acre Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) and 20-acre Federal Prison Camp (FPC) and support facilities. The project necessitated an early site work package in order to keep the project on schedule. Site development tasks included:

  • Three detention/sedimentation ponds for control stormwater runoff
  • Efficient vehicular circulation system to separate visitors, deliveries and security
  • Balancing site elevations in order to develop most economical earthwork.
  • Design of firing range
  • Design of looped water system and tank to provide fire protection to the facility
  • Design of gravity sanitary sewer system to eliminate necessity of pump station
  • Design of recreation areas (3 softball fields, 1 soccer field, basketball and handball courts)
  • Design of double security fencing
  • State highway widening and turn lanes

The approximate $2 million storm sewer system included 20,521 LF of pipe ranging in size from 12" to 60" in diameter, 11 curb inlets, 115 drop inlets, 6 manholes and 10 headwalls. The breakdown of storm sewers by diameter is as follows: 12“ / 3400 LF; 18” / 6500 LF; 24” / 2680 LF; 30” / 3546 LF; 36” / 2050 LF; 48” / 1000 LF; 54” / 1000 LF; and 60” / 345 LF.

Stormwater management was important part of the project; there were numerous protected wetlands within and adjacent to the site. Four detention/sedimentation ponds were designed to allow for the extended storage of 1- and 2-year/24-hour storm, and for this storm to percolate into the ground. This design also means the detention pond will have zero discharge for 2-year/24-hour storms or smaller. By designing the ponds in this manner, on-site infiltration is increased thereby reducing the rate and quantity of stormwater runoff leaving the site. This also allowed inclusion of a stormwater quality component to the project.