VA Medical Center Building One / Radiology Services Renovation

As part of GRW’s Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity Contract to provide A/E services for the two VA Medical Centers located in Lexington, KY, services were provided for the renovation of the Leestown Road Division Building One to accommodate three new radiological equipment rooms.

Each room was equipped with technician control space, radiation lead shielding, emergency vacuum pump system, and individual patient restrooms. In addition, each radiology room was designed and fit-up based on the VA’s and Siemens standards, allowing Siemens-certified installers to install the equipment without conflict.

The renovated space also contains a reception desk, waiting area with seating for approximately 25 people, a physician’s office, break room, employee restroom, visitor’s restroom, multiple equipment storage areas, and support spaces. The Building One departments on the floors below, above and adjacent to the new radiology department remained in full use during construction.  Power shutdowns and noisy construction periods were limited and coordinated a minimum of 72 hours in advance with the surrounding occupants to minimize disturbances and/ refrain from creating unpleasant working conditions.