Nicholas County Courthouse Renovation

  • Nicholas County Courthouse, Carlisle, KY
     Nicholas County Courthouse, Carlisle, KY

GRW designed a complete renovation of the building exterior, including clock tower, of this 1890s-era three-story county courthouse building located in Carlisle, KY.

Prior to GRW's renovation, the existing masonry had been previously sand blasted, leaving the masonry extremely porous. A large percentage of the mortar joints were showing some form of failure. The square limestone clock surround and supporting masonry at the north clock face had collapsed onto the roof. The other three clock face surrounds were showing signs of collapse, and the clock tower roof was failing.

All exterior building masonry joints were repointed. The exterior surfaces of the brick and stone masonry were stabilized with a masonry sealer. The clock tower masonry was stabilized structurally using an interior steel frame. The interior of the clock tower was pressure washed and repointed. Portions of the exterior stamped metal soffit were replaced. The work also included replacement of most windows, partial replacement of the clock tower roof framing, full replacement of the clock tower roofing using copper, replacement of clocks, restoration of the bell, installation of electronic clock controls, and restoration of the historic lighted flag emblem. Lead-based paint and asbestos-based caulking were abated from the exterior windows.