Lane's End Yearling Barns

  • Lane's End Yearling Barns, Woodford County, KY
     Lane's End Yearling Barns, Woodford County, KY

GRW provided architectural design for three yearling barns at Lane’s End Farms stallion complex in Woodford County, KY. Constructed using pre-engineered wood beams and cmu block, each 7,680 SF yearling barn consisted of 20 stalls, tack room, and hay and feed storage area. This minimal use of materials allowed the owner to gain maximum space at minimum cost while maintaining the ambiance of the Kentucky Bluegrass area horse farms.

To increase safety for the horses and employees, each stall was enclosed by a three-panel, full-height stall front, which allows an unobstructed view into each stall. Along with the full-vision panels, each stall was also designed with a second emergency gate that opens directly to the exterior of the facility.