Clifton Heights Underground Wet Weather Storage Makes News

Submitted by ksandino on Fri, 02/10/2017 - 10:47

Louisville-based CBS station WLKY reported on a project GRW designed for the Louisville-Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District. The Clifton Heights Wet Weather Flow Storage and Pumping Facilities is one of several wet weather storage facilities the Louisville MSD is "building throughout the city to avoid raw sewage from mixing with storm water during heavy rains."

According to the report, Gregory Powell, MSD engineering manager, says, "These basins throughout the community and especially this one at Clifton Heights, will collect that combined sewer overflow that normally during a rain event would have gone into the creeks, Muddy Fork or Bear Grass creek, it will be diverted into these structures."

GRW provided design and is currently providing  construction phase services for the project which encompasses a 7.0 MG CSO storage basin and a 9.0 MGD pump station. Read more about the Clifton Heights project here.

The report from WLKY had been posted on the TV station's website: