Veterans Way Extension & Multi-Use Path Corridor Improvements

  • Veterans Way - Careful Attention to Pedestrian Safety - Boone County Fiscal Court, Burlington, KY

  • Veterans Way - Gentle Curves with New Sidewalk and Multi-Use-Path - Boone County Fiscal Court, Burlington, KY

  • Veterans Way - Improved Bank Access and Intersection Approach - Boone County Fiscal Court, Burlington, KY

  • Veterans Way - New Basketball Courts with Lighting at Boone Woods Park - Boone County Fiscal Court, Burlington, KY

  • Veterans Way - New Sanitation District No. 1 (KY)-Compliant Detention Basins - Boone County Fiscal Court, Burlington, KY

GRW designed improvements to Veterans Way, formerly a no-outlet facility with access from KY 18 (Burlington Pike) for the  Boone County Fiscal Court, Burlington, KY. Basic scope of work for this rural/urban roadway included:

  •  Design of an extension that now links KY 18 to KY 237 (North Bend Road)
  • Traffic analysis at signalized intersection with KY 18
  • Coordination of all private and public utility relocations
  • NEPA assessment of impacts including Boone Woods Park
  • Striping/signing plans as per the MUTCD
  • Complex maintenance of traffic plans
  • Stakeholder involvement in all project phases

GRW’s services resulted in the following significant improvements to the Veteran’s Way Corridor:

  • Reduction in peak hour congestion and improved corridor ingress and egress conditions
  • Safer, more functional roadway linkage and better access for multiple, diverse users: YMCA, Huntington Bank, Boone Woods Park, and Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) school and church facilities.
  • Three (3) stormwater detention basins compensate for increased impervious area runoff. Sanitation District No. 1 will provide maintenance. Bioswale roadside ditches were designed along the extension to help with filtration of storm water pollutants
  • A new 4-goal basketball court was provided in Boone Woods Park with lighting and additional parking.
  • Huntington Bank access, sidewalk and parking lot improvements.
  • Construction of 1,300 LF, 10’ wide multi-use path (MUP) adjacent to KY 18, connecting the newly constructed Veteran’s Way MUP to a previously constructed path forming a continuous 1.5 mile run of MUP that now extends between KY 237 (North Bend Road) and downtown Burlington.

This project was recognized with an award from the Kentucky Chapter, American Public Works Association, 2019 Awards Program.