Texas Air National Guard Electronic Countermeasures Shop

  • Texas Air National Guard Electronic Countermeasures Shop, Fort Worth, TX

  • Texas Air National Guard Electronic Countermeasures Shop, Fort Worth, TX

GRW provided architectural and engineering services for conceptual design and RFP development, as well as construction administration, for modifications to the maintenance shop area of this 106,647 SF C-130 aviation maintenance complex. Project specifics included expansion of the facility to accommodate a larger, separate electronic countermeasures (ECM) shop, a renovated avionics shop, pavements and utility system revisions.

This USGBC LEED Gold certified project includes the following unique sustainable design measures:

  • Photovoltaic cells on the roof of the hangar, to offset energy costs and electrical power usage for the entire hangar complex
  • Vegetated roof on the shop expansion to reduce energy usage, heat island effect, and stormwater runoff
  • Geothermal-based HVAC system for the new addition, to reduce energy usage in administration and training areas.
  • Occupancy sensors for electric lights, with dimming capability to reduce electrical usage when sufficient natural light is available, and new T-8 light fixtures to replace old units
  • Low flow and low flush restroom and shower room fixtures to reduce potable water usage
  • Pervious pavements to reduce stormwater quantity and to improve stormwater runoff quality

The most unique feature of this project is the capability of being able to produce sufficient power to approach Net Zero Energy by using a combination of photovoltaic cells on the hangar roofs, a geothermal-based HVAC system and other sustainable, energy reducing features.