Sanitation District No. 1 Water Reclamation Facilities

  • Eastern Regional Water Reclamation Facility, Campbell County, KY

  • Western Regional Water Reclamation Facility, Boone County, KY

Whether you decide to go for LEED certification or not, GRW will develop an initial list of reasonable sustainable design features for the building and site, and evaluate this list with you to determine an initial approach. During this process, we will look at initial cost versus life-cycle cost, maintainability, and return-on-investment. 

For example, we have significantly incorporated “Green” design features into these projects for Sanitation District No. 1 of Northern Kentucky:

  • Western Regional Water Reclamation Facility - Incorporated pervious pavement, groundwater recharge, infiltration swale, water quality basin, rain garden, and cistern potentially into site stormwater management. 
  • Eastern Regional Water Reclamation Facility - Restoration of native grasses and wildflowers outside of the facility’s fence line. Restoration in the retention basin and along Brush Creek was achieved using riparian plantings, and the treated water outfall was designed to minimize creek erosion.