Mechanical | Electrical | Structural

  • Kentucky ARNG Paducah Joint Forces Reserve Center and Field Maintenance Shop, Paducah, KY

  • Lexington North Elkhorn Watershed Pumping Station (19 MGD), Lexington, KY

  • Aliceville Federal Correctional Institution and Satellite Camp, Aliceville, AL

  • Northpoint Training Center Replacement, Burgin, KY

GRW’s mechanical, electrical and structural engineers are an integral part of our projects. These multidisciplinary design team members apply their expertise to deliver to you a project that is structurally sound, mechanically complete – from heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), to plumbing and fire protection, and electrically prepared to handle your project’s needs from power distribution and telecommunication to control systems and lighting systems. Because of this in-house team, GRW has capability to successfully plan, design and deliver large, complex projects, as easily as smaller projects.

In addition, these professionals support our water resources engineers by providing expertise with the code specific mechanical, electrical, and structural systems design of wastewater and water facilities.